Dashboard for Bid Team

7 Benefits to better manage bid activities

Learn about bids seasonality over the years Focus your activities on the most relevant public organizations for your business
  Identify upcoming contract expiry dates for short, medium and long terms Compare your performance with that of your competitors
Schedule your workload and employees absences Ultimately, increase your efficiency and success rate
Challenge your team to improve. Optimize your processes and operations

Interact with our demo dashboard, it's so easy!

The dashboard below is based on real data from U.S. Federal contracting expenses in a specific industry. Demo for Government of Canada is also available. Change dates, select states, select word or public agencies, drill up or down period, enter Full Screen mode, and enjoy your experience with real-time data visualization.

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Use case for Bid team

Because of confidentiality, we cannot disclose our customers' name. All stories are real, even if they've been transferred to a single industry to prevent exposure.

Structured process + Proactivity = High Government Tender win rate

A bid team is often involved in last-minute proposals. It creates amounts of stress within the group. Though the proposal process is well structured, the team wants to be more proactive regarding upcoming bids in order to balance the workload and optimize their activities.

Using SmartGovData Bid Desk Dashboard, the proposal team can:

Filter the awarded contracts by dates / periods
  Select one or multiple province(s)
Show the number of awarded contracts and their total / average value
Select the public organization they are analyzing
Obtain monthly seasonality graphs
Select solicitation type
Acquire a detailed list of upcoming contracts, with expiry date, buying organization, contract #, award date, and sub-category

Conclusion : The Bid Desk and Sales team are now able to anticipate upcoming tenders. They can prepare knowledge content together with the Marketing team months before RFPs are released. They can work ahead with supporting departments to be proactive and maximize their chances of success during the bidding process.