Dashboard for Sales

7 Benefits to boost your public sales

Identify upcoming contract expiry dates for short, medium, and long term Get requested to submit your proposal on renewal and invitation bids
  Monitor competitor's ending contracts Use a single source of true data, directly published by the government
Schedule representation with customers based on your sales cycle lead time Ultimately, increase your sales and commissions
Position your products and services before the official bidding process

Interact with our demo dashboard, it's so easy!

The dashboard below is based on real data from U.S. Federal contracting expenses in a specific industry. Demo for Government of Canada is also available. Change dates, select states, select word or entities, enter Full Screen mode, and enjoy your experience with real-time data visualization.

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Use case for Sales teams

Because of confidentiality, we cannot disclose our customers' name. All stories are real, even if they've been transferred to a single industry to prevent exposure.

Qualified opportunities + Proactivity towards customers = Win more Government contracts

A customer is annoyed to notice that many public RFPs are published with its competitors’ specifications or with selection criteria his company cannot match. The procurement agenda is short and he often has difficulties in changing requirements during questions & addenda process.

Using SmartGovData Sales Dashboard, the New Brunswick commercial team:

Filter the contracts that will expire in the next 6 months
  Select their province
Select their focused customer
Discover 9 contracts worth $1M are expiring and that they need to schedule representation with this customer
Get the list of upcoming contracts with the city, contract value, actual supplier, sub-category, and contract number (that can be searched on the official publication site)
Acquire all the necessary information to prepare their meeting and make sure to be invited for the next bids

Conclusion: The sales team is now more proactive toward upcoming tenders. They can approach public customers ahead of the official procurement process to pitch their products and services. The buyers benefit from the situation to generate more open bids and receive more proposals.