Why Keepoint?

Keepoint, your B2G partner, offers unique tools and services for responding effectively to the challenges of public Requests for Proposal (RFPs) in Canada.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to developing and perfecting best practises for the whole process of responding to RFPs. We must note, though, that we don’t act as lobbyists.

Given that official platforms exist already, why should we use Keepoint’s B2G services and tools, and not the others?

The reasons are simple and the benefits numerous:
  • Invest to save time and find a guaranteed source of revenue from government clients
  • Work with reliable, personalized tools adapted to your business
  • Amalgamate with one platform the 500 sources of public RFP opportunities (BuyandSell, BravoSolution, MERX, SEAO, Biddingo, Alberta Purchasing Connection, BC Bid, etc.)
  • Filter all bids daily, based on their relevance to your competencies
  • Validate your qualifications for responding or not to the RFP (Bid / No Bid)
  • Clarify the vocabulary and content of RFPs
  • Communicate useful and relevant opportunities via e-mail
  • Support and motivate your bidding process to maximize your opportunities for winning, right up to the closing of the file
  • Write your proposal so that it respects government criteria and maximizes your opportunity for success
  • Follow the bidding process and stay up-to-date
  • Understand and anticipate your market, with advanced Business Intelligence reports