Bid Monitoring

In partnership with the leader in the industry, Keepoint offers B2G bid monitoring tool (business-to-government) that covers 98% of public tenders published in Canada, pre-qualify only your best opportunities and ease your business decisions. Prices are for yearly subscription.

It is the only tool designed and operated by bid managers for bid managers. Our commitment : Spend less than 5 minutes per day to identify your future contracts.

Why choose our bid monitoring solution?

Unique interactive dashboard in Canada

Get secured access to your online account and interact only with your selected opportunities. A new amazing data visualization to ease your bid monitoring.

A $50 billion market

In Canada, all Government levels (federal, provincial, municipal, M.E.S.H) spend $50 billion per year to purchase goods and services.

Coast-to-coast Canada

More than 200 official sites publish new RFPs in Canada every day.

The platform centralizes all these opportunities and covers 98% of projects in Canada.

Focus only on your opportunities

We create custom profiles per category, product, service and territory.

So you receive only pre-qualified bids for you.

Intelligent Search 

15 – 25% of tenders are poorly categorized on official websites. Thanks to our semantic treatment, our searches are always uniform.

Steady delivery at 1:00 pm

Every day, an email alert is sent to your distribution list, with no limitation on the number of recipients.

It contains last published potential tenders for your company, with a direct link to government website to order your official documents.

24/7/365 bid monitoring

RFP / RFQ are published all year long with peak periods.

The platform never takes time off. It’s always monitoring your best business opportunities daily, constantly and meticulously.


  • Lead generator
  • One-stop shop for all tenders across Canada
  • Intelligent semantic technology bid matching
  • Unique searching system
  • Custom profiles
  • Prequalified opportunities to meet your business needs
  • Coverage of public levels: federal, provincial, municipalities, education and health
  • Email alert every day 
  • Unlimited distribution list
  • Perfect for expert, apprentice or novice companies in public markets
  • Works 7 days a week, 365 days a year for you!


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