Consulting - Our methodology

Keepoint works to build our clients’ businesses by using advanced technology and personalised consulting focused on results. As experts in the field of government RFPs, we understand every stage of how to respond to daily opportunities in the most advantageous ways.

Because our nearly 10 years of experience allows us to understand the subtleties of an RFP, we can find, behind the “official” jargon, the sometimes hidden fit with our clients’ strengths.

Our rigorous methodology is one of the keys to our success. In fact, our approach allows clients to improve their chances of success to more than 50%. We help you apply this methodology every day, 365 days a year.

Keepoint helps you manage a 5-step process. We can provide support during one or several phases with dedicated tools and services.

The route to your success is built in stages, linked to each other. We’ve created specific tools that improve the performance and precision of your response at each stage:

Our tender management process for success

1. Identify



 Identifying opportunities properly may be difficult because information is not clear or expertise is lacking. We propose to use our reliable and proven tool to simplify your tasks:
  • Bid monitoring : Automatically identify your potential future contracts in Canada via this advanced software that monitors RFPs.

2. Qualify







To qualify the opportunities, we collaborate on defining the fit between your business and the opportunity. This is a strategic stage. After having consulted with us, you can confidently make a decision: Bid / No Bid. If there’s no fit, we will save you time. Here’s how our experts can help:
  • BidAdviser: A personalised follow-up program that will be setup after a one-hour interview which will define your profile, resources, and objectives.
  • An expert, dedicated to your business, will contact you once a week at a pre-appointed time to review identified opportunities and discuss the evolution of your market and objectives.
  • Qualification reviews will be done, leading to “Bid / No Bid” decisions. Then, if you’ve decided to bid, we will set up an agenda for drafting the proposal and follow ups.

3. Write








The proposal you write reflects your precise response to an RFP, even though the requirements may not always make sense! We have an in-depth understanding of RFP content and requirements. We can offer you a professional bid-writing service to create a proposal that’s precise, concise, and persuasive.

Professional writing services that meet your needs
  • Set up of a proposal template tailored to the corporate identity of your business
  • Writing or editing of a complete proposal
  • Coaching of your internal team
  • Conformity review of proposals against the selection criteria to maximize the opportunity for success
  • Printing, signature review and on-time delivery of your proposal

4. Conclude and Improve




This stage rewards our collaborative effort. We ensure that the preceding stages have been executed in a way that both rigorously meets the RFP’s criteria and maximize your opportunity for success. In an optimal conclusion, you’ll get:
  • The detailed results of the awarding of the contract by the public institution
  • A post-mortem analysis of the results (success or failure)
  • Continuous improvement plan for your future proposals

Business Intelligence (B.I)




Our Business Intelligence tools are used during all of the process to:
  • Better understand your industry
  • Increase your sales with unknown leads
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Explore contract history
  • Make strategic decisions about qualification and writing phases

We are here for you

Today’s technology allows Keepoint to work with you on-site or off, in English or French, as your needs require. Keepoint guarantees confidentiality, non-compete and non-disclosure to its clients in each project.

To arrange a meeting with one of our experts or get more information, call our Customer Service toll-free at 1-877-331-BIDS (2437).