Dashboard for Marketing

7 Benefits to improve knowledge about public market

Better understand your industry: its size, the players you know and those that are emerging, the value of its business opportunities, its seasonality, etc. Obtain concrete figures on your major competitors: market, customers, success rates, prices, etc.
  Dig into numbers per segment, per territory, per year Use a single source of true data, directly published by the government
Gain competitive intelligence Ultimately, get the best marketing strategy in your industry
Use data visualization and identify trends

Interact with our demo dashboard, it's so easy!

The dashboard below is based on real data in a specific industry in Canada. Demo for U.S. Federal contracting expenses is also available. Change dates, select provinces, select categories, enter Full Screen mode, and enjoy your experience with real-time data visualization.

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Use case for Marketing

Because of confidentiality, we cannot disclose our customers' name. All stories are real, even if they've been transferred to a single industry to prevent exposure.

Real-time true contracts data + deep granular analysis = Best understanding of customers’ needs  

A marketing team wants to understand the public market in detail per line of products. They need to know who is buying what, when, where, and from whom. They have major issues getting information from the sales team and government buyers. Their access to I.T. resources is limited and they need a user-friendly tool.

Using SmartGovData Marketing Dashboard, the marketing team can easily pull out all the information they need. They can:

Filter the awarded contracts by date / period
  Select one or multiple province(s)
Show the number of awarded contracts and their total / average value
Select the categories they are analyzing, per product line
Obtain a market summary per procurement process
Learn market repartition per province
Acquire a detailed list of awarded contracts, with the solicitation type, contract value, supplier, buying organization and city

Conclusion: Now the marketing team has regular updates about real contracts awarded in the market. They can track their present marketing activities, quickly adjust them for best efficiency, and build future winning strategies.