Dashboard for Executives & Managers

7 Benefits to boost your business

Acquire a direct real-time connection to public sector spending with key indicators Gain competitive intelligence. Obtain concrete figures on your major competitors
  Define and track independent KPIs for your company Make strategic data-driven decisions
Challenge your teams to improve. Optimize your business processes and operations Ultimately, increase your revenue and profitability
Use single source of true data published by the government

Interact with our demo dashboard, it's so easy!

The dashboard below is based on real data from U.S. Federal contracting expenses in a specific industry. Demo for Government of Canada is also available. Change dates, select States, select word or suppliers, play with the map, enter Full Screen mode and enjoy your experience with real-time data visualization.

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Use case for Executives and Managers

Because of confidentiality, we cannot disclose our customers' name. All stories are real, even if they've been transferred to a single industry to prevent exposure.

Understand the complex Government market with accuracy + Efficient use of resources = Winning Strategy

An executive is responsible for defining the best strategy to win more Goverment contracts by maximizing resources and budget. He requires an accurate picture of the market and its competition. Due to lobbying restrictions, it is difficult to access decision-making officers and information. He wants to rely on real data, not on guesses and assumptions.

Using SmartGovData Executive Dashboard, this executive has a complete view of the industry’s contracts awarded by the Government entities. He can:

Filter the awarded contracts by date / period
  Select one or multiple province(s)
Show the number of awarded contracts and their total / average value
Select one of the suppliers / competitors to identify customers & won contracts
Zoom it and out of the map. Access basic information about the type of contract
Obtain a detailed list of recently awarded contracts with the solicitation type, contract value, supplier, buying organization, and city
Know the procurement process used

Conclusion: Within one dashboard, the executive team knows:

  1. How many contracts are awarded and their value
  2. Who placed orders and where
  3. Who won the contracts and where
  4. Procurement process used
  5. And much more…

With accurate data, they are in better position to build a winning public corporate strategy.