Copy of Business Intelligence - OLD

Simply transform government expenses data into business knowledge to boost your public sales... and profits!

Our Business Intelligence service is offered through our proprietary service SmartGovData. Visit our website.

SmartGovData is the only provider of on-demand Business Intelligence for government public contract expenses


Why apply Business Intelligence (B.I) to public markets

Business Intelligence gives you an edge in your industry


Dig into open data

Public organizations are obliged to publish the list of contracts awarded.

A gold mine of information!

Better understand your industry

Understand its size, the players you know and those that are emerging, the value of its business opportunities, its seasonality, etc.

Measure your B.P.I index

With your Bid Performance Index (B.P.I), optimize your qualifications criteria and your bidding process

Increase your sales with unknown leads

Invitation and direct contracts are not very visible. Identify new business opportunities.

Competitive intelligence

Obtain concrete figures on your major competitors: market, customers, success rates, prices, etc

Make strategic decision

Challenge your teams to improve. Optimize your business processes and operations. 


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